Thursday, December 11, 2008

Everyone else is doing it...:)

Well since everyone else is doing it...I figured I'd join in the fun too! So here are my one word answers!

1. Where is your cell phone? purse
2. Your significant other? missing
3. Your hair? ponytail
4. Your mother? crazy
5. Your father? absent-minded
6. Your favorite thing? scarves
7. Your dream last night? nyquil
8. Your favorite drink? diet coke
9. Your dream/goal? love
10. The room you're in? bedroom
11. Your fear? retail
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? NYC
13. Where were you last night? Old Navy
14. What you're not? small
15. Muffins/donuts? muffin
16. One of your wish list items? macbook
17. Where you grew up? Texas
18. The last thing you did? clean
19. What are you wearing? sweatpants
20. Your TV? dvr
21. Your pet? buddy
22. Your computer? replacement?
23. Your life? work
24. Your mood? content
25. Missing someone? yup
26. Favorite pastime? laughing
27. Something you're not wearing? socks
28. Favorite Store? GAP :)
29. Your summer? sunburn!
30. Your favorite color? blue
31. When is the last time you laughed? tonight
32. Last time you cried? November
33. Who will re-post this? Katty
34. Four places I go over and over? schools, old navy, home, fbca
35.Four people who e-mail me? Kat, Amanda, mom, facebook
36. Four of my favorite foods? chocolate, chinese, hamburgers, popcorn
37. Four places I would like to be right now? London, Thailand, Australia, 1209A
38. Four people I tag? Kat, Katie, Ashley, Meredith

Well I hope you all are staying warm and not working too hard! I miss you guys! Nothing too exciting to report! Oh, I am holding the banner at the start of the Anna Christmas Parade! hahahaha! oh life!


Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm Thankful!

I never really thought about how much I truly do love Thanksgiving. Katie always talked about how it was her favorite holiday, and for some reason I use to think that was dumb. Sorry Katie! HOWEVER, I have now come to realize I truly love Thanksgiving for many reasons, which I will now tell you about! hahaha! First off I love the food you make at Thanksgiving like green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and well turkey! I also love the fact that after Thanksgiving there is always a huge load of leftovers...and turkey sandwiches are truly near and dear to my heart and stomach! :) I also like the fact that the holiday is all about thankfulness. I have a lot to be thankful in my life, and I think it's a great holiday where you can just sit and really think about all that you are really thankful for. So what am I currently most thankful parents and the fact that they are being very supportive through my current life situation!! Gotta love Steve and Carla! :) I also love the fact that after Thanksgiving it means that Christmas is soon...which means Christmas decor, cold weather, Christmas music, and Christmas movies (which are the best)! I feel that everyone is just happier during the holidays!!

So one thing I realize I hate about the Thanksgiving holiday is BLACK FRIDAY! After working in retail for about 4ish years now I have never worked a single black Friday...that was until this past one! I now realize why it is so's awful! I didn't think many people would be at Old Navy on black friday...well was I wrong! It was INTENSE and CRAZY to say the least! For all you that went out there shopping...I hope you found it worth it!! My favorite part about retail is when people begin to barter with you at the check out...they say how about 1.99 for this shirt, instead of the 3.99 it is...I want to look at them and be like "this is not a garage sale...we don't barter" , but instead I put on my fake smile and say "Oh, I wish I could, but you see these prices are what they are..." Oh life! So yes the past 2 days of my life have been Old Navy...gag!!!

Funny story from subbing:

So Monday and Tuesday I was subbing in ISS in an elementary school, which I found sad that they even had ISS in elementary school, but nevertheless I was there. So the first day I had 5 kids and then on Tuesday it was luckily only 3! haha! So one of my repeat friends on Tuesday goes Ms. Bee your feet smell..I say umm what, not they don't (well this is me hoping they don't..hha) SO then he goes on..."Ms. Bee are you wearing pantyhose?" Another kid in the class says..."Rowdy (yes that is his name) you're not suppose to ask ladies that" ..he responds, "Well she was wearing pantyhose yesterday!" (The day before I was actually wearing tights) at this point I'm just smiling...holding back the laughter at the fact that a 2nd grade boy just said pantyhose. Well I guess little Rowdy caught on to the fact that I found it hilarious so he turns to me and goes "PANTYHOSE, PANTYHOSE, PANTYHOSE" ...with that I BURST out laughing...which in ISS is no good, because it's suppose to be quiet! Anyway this may be hard to imagine in your head, but just think about a little boy yelling pantyhose at you! :) Oh life with little kids, they really do say the silliest things!

One last funny I don't know how many of you know that I probably have the worlds largest Golden dog Buddy weighs....drum roll...134lbs! hahahah! Yes my dog probably weighs more than most of yall! hahahaha! Anyway we took him to the doctor and I guess he has a thyroid problem and this is why he won't loose weight! Anyway the doctor said that now that he is on medicine he should shed about 40 lbs in about 8 weeks...I wanted to be like could I get some of those too! haha! So my story...Buddy must be walked everyday so that this weight loss can happen and well that's my new job :) So I take him and our other dog Lucy, who mind you is about 100 lbs herself, around our neighborhood. On our first adventure I walk out of my house and the construction men across the street goes "Holy mother, that's a lot of dog!" ...I wanted to say well it's "234lbs of dog if you want to be exact!" but instead I just laughed it off! Literally if the dogs wanted to they could run me down! So alas this is my life in Anna...come visit me and you can see the attention buddy gets! :)If you want to see some more pics of the can see them here

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a restful weekend! Just remember I am thankful for you all!

Love you!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why yes I am going to be a teacher....

So it has been a long time since I blogged...I was on a break! :) So what is up with Ashley??? Well it is official I am going to be a teacher! **gasp** I guess all those years living with Education majors rubbed off on me. I am doing this alternative certification program and subbing until I get my own class. So this week has been the week of Kindergarten! Monday I taught Kindergarten at one of the 2 Elementary schools in Anna. So when people tell you that kids have the attention span of their age, believe them. I never really thought about it till I had a class full of 5 year olds. It was quite the experience, because as I passed out the papers to the class and explained what to do the kids who got the papers first were ready for something new. Anyway it wasn't actually bad and I really enjoyed it! I was really surprised, because I have always wanted to teach middle or high school, so i was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I actually liked Kindergarten. Anyway come Tuesday my thighs were killing me...this was due to all the squatting down on Monday! :)

So Wednesday I get a call at 8 asking if I would teach Kindergarten at the other Elementary school! ...of course I said yes...always say yes to money :) Well too my surprise when I got there I was teaching the BILINGUAL class. What does this mean??? Oh it means that they learn both Spanish and English. I of course took German, French, and Italian...but in all my years no Spanish. As my sister would say...I told you to take Spanish, because one day you'll need it! So I had to stand at the front of the class in my "best" accent talk about la letra U...and then uvas (grapes), uno, uniciclo, oh the list goes on. Of course the class would correct my Spanish throughout the whole lesson! It was really quite funny! What is even funnier is that when I had some extra time, the teacher had told me to read to them. So I go over to the bookshelf and look through the books. Well while I'm looking I find that they are ALL in under my breathe I say are there any English books. One little 5 year behind me says Ms. Besco this is Spanish class all the books are in Spanish! Oh the smart little girl! Needless to say...I think it is about time I learn Spanish, after all my years of saying I'll never learn it! :)

Well on Saturday I take the LSAT! YIKES! AM I ready??? Negative! hahaha! So just keep me in your prayers! :)

Love yall,


Sunday, July 20, 2008

From Hollywood to goodbyes

Hey guys!

I think I've been so good about blogging! riiiiiight! So lets see most things remain the same from the first we won't touch on those (i.e. jobless and living at home) haha! Since then I went to Hollywood!! My older sister Amanda is currently living in West Hollywood, for those of you that don't know she's a travel nurse. As a perk to this job/lifestyle she lives, Abby and I get to travel a lot to see her!! Last summer was New York and Seattle and this time it was LA! We had a blast just hanging out and going to the beach! A very cold that! I FINALLY got to see WICKED! ...and it was AMAZING! I'm pretty sure I like the story better than the original Wizard of Oz! The music was amazing and I just thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

So this week is going to be pretty sad...seeing how I have to say goodbye to Kat for a year! That sucks...haha! The other night MKAKA had dinner at Ashley's house and I must say i'm not liking this whole grown up life! I miss having 4 roommates and college! Well besides that it was a lot of fun! My dad turns 53 on Tuesday ( i bet you guys all were dying to know about that). hahaha Wow I'm like bouncing all over the place...i apologize!

So lastly I as was thinking about my current situation I have realized that I need to give back. A friend of mine invited me to this volunteer orientation for a program for disabled adults out in Wylie. So starting this Wednesday until I get a job I will be going out to Coventry Reserve to help out there. I'm very excited to give some of my time to this ministry. Its a great group of Christians trying to make the lives of disabled adults more than just watching tv. At this program they make pottery, do therapy, exercise, and many other fun activities. I'm excited to see where God will use me! :)

So this is a small update! Miss yall and see you soon! Call me...I'm free! Sorry for the rambling!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My first post!

Hey guys!

Well this is my first blog post and for some reason it takes me back to xanga days! So I'm guessing this is my grown-up "xanga"! Anyway not much has been going on with me...just job searching. I must say job searching is a career in itself!! Can I get an amen to that! :) So my days are filled with me searching different databases trying to find that special job...if it is out there! It is discouraging to say the least, but i have it in my mind that there is a job out there for me and I will find it someday! :) In the mean time I apply, interview, and hope! Other than job searching I've been pretty busy with the family....that is mostly hanging out with my 13 year old sister and my two golden retrievers! I've been spending a lot of time at the neighborhood pool...yes you read that right! Haha! Welcome to life in Anna, Texas :) It's a nice pool...and mostly it isn't overrun with middle schoolers! After living with my sister for this past month I have come to the realization that I never want to be in middle school again! hahaha! Everything is a major deal from having to clean your room, to putting on more sunscreen, to feeding the dogs! It makes me laugh and thank God that i'm 22! :)

So this past weekend Kat and I traveled to Waco to see Mckenzie! It was oh so fun to be back in Waco/ very depressing! It was just so weird to be back there as a guest in someone else's apartment! WEIRD! While there we did all the normal Waco things like go to Spice, eat at the olive branch and of course roam around Target! It was so great to be with mak and kat again (even though it would have been excellent to have katie and ash there too)! I really do miss having 4 roommates....gosh growing up sucks! :) On a good note we kicked it old school and rented Tom and Huck...which i must say was just as good as i remembered! :) Now i suppose I should get back to the job search!

Abby, myself, and mom

My two new Roommates: Lucy and Buddy!

<3 Ashley